Ob-gyns who participate in SCOPE and achieve SCOPE certification for their offices are eligible to receive ABOG ‘Improvement in Medical Practice’ (Part IV) MOC credits.  These MOC credits will be valid for the duration of the three-year SCOPE certification period.

Contact SCOPE staff directly at or 800.266.8043 to learn how to apply your SCOPE certification toward MOC Part IV credit.

Information about ABOG’s 'Improvement in Medical Practice' (Part IV) MOC requirement can be found here

Now a Recognized MIPS Performance Improvement Activity!

Beginning in the 2019 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) performance period, ob-gyns who participate in the MIPS program, achieve SCOPE certification, and receive ABOG Part IV MOC credits will be able to report SCOPE certification as a completed MIPS Improvement Activity. SCOPE will count as completion of the Improvement Activity entitled “Participation in MOC Part IV” for the performance period during which it is completed – SCOPE completion during a previous year cannot be applied retroactively. Those physicians who are required to participate in MIPS or have opted into the MIPS program should be aware that SCOPE certification only counts toward one medium-weight Improvement Activity, and therefore will not satisfy all requirements for that performance category.

Should you have further questions about MIPS, please submit a ticket to the ACOG Practice Management Ticket Database. Our Practice Management team will work to answer your question as soon as possible.

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