SCOPE Office Review

Some offices applying for SCOPE certification are randomly selected for a one-day on-site review. All other office reviews are conducted remotely.

SCOPE reviewers are clinicians experienced in safety assessment techniques, review processes, and the delivery of women’s health care in the ambulatory setting. The role of the reviewer is to validate the information submitted by the office and to report the confidential findings to ACOG. In addition, the reviewer provides written feedback and supportive education to the office as appropriate.  In order for the office to identify any potential conflicts of interest, the office will be given the name and curriculum vitae of the assigned reviewer in advance of the review. The office may request a different reviewer for a perceived or actual conflict of interest between the reviewer and the office.

Four to six weeks after an office review, SCOPE will provide the office with an assessment of the office’s implementation and use of patient safety concepts and techniques. The report will be based upon current ACOG guidelines, other ACOG publications, and the considered opinion of the reviewer in consultation with the SCOPE Report Review Committee and staff. Offices that meet the criteria for certification will be granted a SCOPE Certification Certificate valid for three years from the date of issue.

On-Site Reviews

The reviewer will typically arrive the day before the site visit and spend the next day at the office. The format of the day is fixed, beginning with a general meeting to discuss the process, which includes conferences, interviews with clinical and nonclinical staff, analysis of medical records, observation of staff interaction with patients (outside of care delivery situations), review of credentialing records, and review of patient safety and other data.

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