What People are Saying

The SCOPE process empowered us to come together as a team to implement practice protocols to meet patient safety requirements… It was a rewarding experience for the entire team and one that has received positive community recognition.


Frances Chimeri
Women’s Care Florida,
Williams, Goldman & Watson


We have learned a lot about ourselves. 


John W. Schmitt, MD, FACOG
Duke University Medical Center


Our group practice has been improving safety and quality with several projects over the last two decades. Due to the tyranny of the urgent needs of all the patients in front of us every day, we seemed to be stalled without moving forward. 

The SCOPE process... provided us with renewed vigor and focused our attention on these and other systems that needed improvement for the sake of our patients. After the review, we had a few short meetings where we discussed implementation of the recommendations. We have made some (easy) changes rapidly, and others that are more complex are continuing to be developed. The SCOPE review affirmed our good practices and made us feel competent and motivated to renew our efforts at safety and quality improvement in the office.


Lee Parsons, MD, FACOG
Ob/Gyn Associates


Women’s Care Florida (WCF) is pursuing SCOPE certification for all of our ob-gyn divisions… The SCOPE process motivated our providers and staff to improve on our safety standards and develop a more rigorous set of policies and procedures... For example, we have always had a required time out process for our in-office procedures. Now we have implemented a more extensive safety checklist that starts with the preoperative visit and continues through the procedure with the timeout, discharge, and postoperative follow up call.

SCOPE allows us to clearly demonstrate our commitment to patient safety…to our partners including insurance companies, hospitals, malpractice insurance carriers, employees and most importantly, our patients.


Donald F. Wilson, MD, MS, FACOG, CPE
Chief Medical Officer
Women’s Care Florida  


(SCOPE Certification helped with) community recognition and reduction of professional liability premiums.


Patty Abraham, BSN, RN
Madison Women’s Health


I am a strong believer in the SCOPE program. My practice was safe to start with, but nowhere near as safe as it is after the application and certification.


D. Ashley Hill, MD, FACOG
Loch Haven Ob/Gyn Group