Fitness classes after childbirth: beauty and slimness on their own

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch, the fat layer accumulates on the hips, legs, arms. With the birth of a baby, a woman’s free time is taken away by taking care of the child, which cause positive emotions and excitement. After a while, there is a desire to strengthen the skin tone, get rid of excess weight, fatigue, weakness. Logically, the question arises: when can I do fitness after childbirth in order to regain my former form.

Stages of recovery after childbirth

The understandable desire of the newly-made mother is to return the lost form as soon as possible after childbirth. However, early physical activity, according to gynecologists, can lead to complications. After the birth of a baby, a woman’s body experiences a number of significant changes:

  • the uterus gradually shrinks, returns to its normal size;
  • after the separation of the placenta, a wound remains inside the reproductive organ, which heals over time;
  • the pelvic bones and internal organs displaced during pregnancy return to their places.

Immediately after childbirth, sports are unacceptable, the main reason for the ban is the high probability of the risk of uterine bleeding.

When can I return to sports after giving birth

Pregnancy for every woman is a complex process associated with hormonal restructuring of the entire body. The lack of vitamin and mineral components caused by the intrauterine development of the baby, a large load on the spine, muscle stretching, excess weight can cause stress and depressed mood.

The time of full recovery is individual for each woman, depends on the age, physical health of the young mother. Postpartum fatigue, constant care, anxiety for the newborn, a decrease in vital energy is not the best incentive for sports. It is important for a nursing mother to listen to her own feelings, independently plan her day for physical exercises.

Experienced doctors do not prohibit fitness classes after childbirth, but they do not recommend too much haste. Heavy physical exertion, a sharp change in activity can negatively affect the state of health. There is a risk of reducing the production of breast milk, in severe cases, uterine bleeding is possible.

Gynecologists recommend starting classes after childbirth, which took place naturally, in 1.5 months. If there were complications, surgical obstetric methods were used – no earlier than 3 months. It is important to observe the principle of gradual increase in loads.

Types of activities for classes: pros and cons

To the question whether it is possible for a nursing mother to do fitness, doctors answer in the affirmative. A preliminary consultation with a gynecologist, who will conduct a survey of the tone of the uterus and the general well-being of a woman, will help you choose a sport. In the absence of contraindications, the intensity of training, the level of load is calculated individually. The list of sports and exercises prohibited for a young mother includes:

  • weightlifting;
  • running at stayer distances;
  • bicycling;
  • kayaking;
  • skydiving;
  • heavy loads on the muscles of the press.

It is necessary to treat active sports games with caution: volleyball, basketball, football, lawn tennis, which are characterized by sharp movements, a quick change of direction. Recommended recovery activities include:

  • pilates: a subspecies of fitness with smooth and slow movements that effectively help with regular workouts to get rid of folds on the abdomen and sides;
  • yoga: competent performance of asanas helps to increase vitality, improve mood, helps to relax and recharge with positive energy;
  • walking: a simple and effective training method for tightening muscles, perfectly combined with daily walks with the baby;
  • swimming: complex work of all muscle groups without static load on the spine;
  • dancing, including oriental: belly dancing helps to restore muscle elasticity, body plasticity, flexibility.

House or hall

Having dealt with the questions of when to start classes, it remains to choose which is better – a visit to the gym or the convenience of a home environment. Each of the options has advantages and disadvantages, namely:

  • Gym. Pros: classes with an experienced professional coach in a group with young mothers. All loads are correctly calculated, guarantee an effective result without risk to health. Cons: the schedule of classes is strictly defined, without taking into account personal wishes, as well as financial expenses.
  • House. After consulting with a doctor, you can choose a set of exercises and start classes at a convenient time, comfortable conditions, while saving the family budget. Minus: in the absence of self-discipline and large household responsibilities, classes will not be held regularly.

The final version depends entirely on the circumstances of life and the great desire of the woman herself. An excellent motivation for sports will be a baby who, as he grows, will take an active part in classes with his mother.

Fitness after cesarean

Caesarean section is a surgical intervention in the process of childbirth that has passed with complications. Postoperative wounds are treated for a certain time, which determines the period of return to sports. The recovery period, in comparison with natural childbirth, is longer, requiring a woman to pay increased attention to her own health. According to the recommendations of the gynecologist, simple exercises should be started no earlier than 3 months after the operation.

Small incisions and tears formed during childbirth heal within a few weeks. When the baby turns 2 months old, you can start training. In the case of multiple perineal injuries, the ban on sports directly depends on the complexity and size of the ruptures. After suturing large wounds, you should wait with sports until full recovery. Active training with full load after cesarean or ruptures is allowed no earlier than 6 months.

Useful tips

During fitness classes, it is recommended to drink a lot of pure still water to avoid dehydration. It is important for young mothers to eat right, to walk a lot in the fresh air. It is especially useful to spend time in coniferous and deciduous parks, away from harmful emissions.

The first training sessions after childbirth should take place in a gentle mode. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the abdominal area. Pilates or yoga exercises are optimal, which additionally strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. With the help of a gymnastic complex, it is possible to tone the lower abdominal muscles, stabilize the spine, distribute loads on the musculoskeletal system of the body. At the second stage of physical activity, pelvic muscles should be trained to achieve attractive forms. The final stage is exercises for the upper back, neck muscles. This complex is especially relevant for breastfeeding, as it promotes lactation stimulation.

A set of exercises on a large gymnastic ball-fitball not only keep the muscles in good shape, but also lift the mood. Simple and effective exercises on a sports equipment do not require much physical effort. Rolling and twisting while sitting on the ball helps to relieve tension in the back area, work out the lateral muscles on the belt well.

An integrated approach to the training system, proper nutrition and a positive attitude will bring the expected result. Regular classes will give beauty and strength to enjoy the joy of motherhood.

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