Doing exercises correctly: rules, tips and nuances

Morning exercises, according to many physiotherapists, fitness coaches and professional athletes, along with a healthy diet is the most important guarantee of a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

Perhaps, from early childhood, everyone is aware of the benefits and the important need to perform morning exercises, which allows people to look fresh and young even for people of “Balzac age”. Undoubtedly, morning exercises are definitely not a universal medicine for maintaining the proper state of the body and certainly not a panacea for all diseases. However, regular classes in the morning can help develop motor skills, improve organization, and teach you how to plan your day.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do morning exercises correctly. In order to put everything on the right shelves, it is important to understand its benefits and the resulting effect of exercise.

Competitive advantages of proper morning exercise

The first few minutes after waking up, our body is still asleep, because all the systems were resting, working in energy-saving mode. That is why you can not immediately load yourself – no gym, exhausting running or lifting weights.

The most useful and effective at this time will be morning exercises – a certain set of exercises that allows:

  • competently awaken the body after a long sleep
  • provide him with energy and cheerfulness
  • improve the emotional background
  • optimize motor activity

All this significantly distinguishes gymnastics from other types of physical activity, where the main goal is to achieve certain muscle forms. After morning exercise, the body should not get tired, as after strength exercises, but get an additional portion of charge and energy.

Proper charging has a lot of positive effects:

  • eliminates the disadvantages associated with improper sleep patterns – lethargy, drowsiness, absent-mindedness
  • improves the tone of the nervous system, giving a charge of vivacity and energy
  • promotes the gentle awakening of all body systems
  • develops physical activity
  • saturates the body with oxygen
  • allows children to understand the biomechanics of exercise

In addition to the above advantages, morning exercise, according to some studies, increases the level of mental activity, improving the perception of new information. Performance indicators are also going up.

How to do morning exercises correctly: basic recommendations

Charging in the morning is the right start to the day. There are a lot of different techniques and systems that allow you to wake up smoothly and painlessly for the body. On the Internet you can find dozens of sets of exercises for gymnastics. But without knowledge and compliance with some recommendations, the effect of morning exercise will be minimal.

To get the most out of doing morning exercises, take into account the following recommendations:

  • never start charging immediately upon awakening, let the body Wake up (this may take 15 to 30 minutes)
  • if it is difficult to tune in physical activity, you can try to incorporate your favorite music or TV show that can lift your mood
  • before starting it is recommended to drink a glass of mineral water in order to gently start the digestion process and not to exercise on a completely empty stomach
  • any complex must necessarily start with a warm-up – it can be stretching or general strengthening exercises of physical therapy for all muscle groups (!)
  • it is important to do the exercises correctly – do not rush, delve into the nuances of technique and rhythm, so as not to harm
  • finishing the complex, as well as starting, is recommended by stretching

The optimal duration of classes is from 10 to 30 minutes.

Separately, it is necessary to touch on the topic of the regularity of performing proper charging in the morning: it will be difficult for beginners to force themselves to stick to early rising and classes every day. If you do morning exercises irregularly, you will not be able to achieve efficiency, on the contrary, spontaneous gymnastics will cause stress to the body.

To understand how to do morning exercises, numerous videos on the web will help, telling about motivation, rules and techniques of doing exercises. Also, making a daily routine will help you learn how to exercise regularly. It is necessary to include exercises in the morning at least 5 times a week in the diary.

How to do exercises correctly: some nuances

In addition to the basic rules, it is important to listen to the nuances:

  • charging should not take away your strength: choose such a set of exercises so that their performance is not a burden – in the morning you need to gain strength, and not give them away
  • in the process of performing the complex, keep an eye on the pulse – do not exceed the mark of 110 beats per minute
  • if you can’t exercise in the morning on an empty stomach, then drink a glass of juice, tea or a protein shake

If the appetite does not appear after charging, then it is recommended to go outside for a walk or run a little (up to 1 km) at an easy pace. This is the only way you can understand how to practice correctly in order to benefit your body only.

We hope our article answered the question “How to do morning exercises?”. We wish you to always stay in shape!

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