Breathing exercises bodyflex: the way to a beautiful figure

The conditions of a high-speed pace of life pose many tasks for a modern woman: career advancement, the birth and upbringing of children, the creation of an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house. The result is constant stress, poor sleep, compromised health, irregular diet and impaired metabolism. One day, extra pounds are found on the body, spoiling the mood from the perception of oneself. There is no time for a gym, for hundreds of diets – health and endurance. Among the variety of weight loss options, you can use the bodyflex practice.

The history of the origin of gymnastics bodyflex

The bodyflex system is an author’s set of exercises that combine breathing practice with static and dynamic physical exercises. It is based on the active work of the diaphragmatic muscles. The technique is designed to use a small volume of lungs that are not used in everyday inhalation / exhalation. This provokes a short-term oxygen starvation, forcing O2 to be directed to the area of the body that trains. The fat layer is actively burned.

The founder of bodyflex is an American Greer Childers, a mother of three children. After the last birth, the woman recovered greatly and could not regain her form on her own. Then Greer went to New York, paying for an expensive and popular weight loss program. She successfully came to her 44th size and decided to share her personal experience with everyone. The American simplified a set of exercises that she did herself so that any housewife could repeat it. In the future, Greer Childers simplified the complex as much as possible, left 2 important points: in the morning to practice strictly on an empty stomach, and in the evening — a few hours after the last meal.

Suitable for whom and contraindications

It is worth remembering that bodyflex is not suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight. If a person does not have serious health problems, and the parameters of the figure leave much to be desired, then this system will be ideal. Bodyflex workouts are suitable for people with weak willpower and patience, as the complex is simple and does not require a diet.

This system is ideal for lack of free time, finances, desire or other reasons, as well as a modest apartment space for the equipment of a sports corner. The exercises are designed in such a way that they give relatively quick results in a short period. They will appeal to people who like to carry out daily measurements of body parameters and weighing, frankly rejoicing even modest positive results.

The complex helps young mothers to regain their shape after childbirth. Women note a number of advantages:

  • you can do exercises while the child is sleeping, while you do not need to go to another room;
  • almost complete absence of financial investments;
  • effective burning of “loose” folds on the sides and in the abdomen, which are actively formed during pregnancy, active tightening of sluggish and weak muscles.

The complex is performed easily, effortlessly, it is suitable for both a professional athlete and a beginner. Anyone can master the technique. It is worth paying attention to medical restrictions on physical exercise. Contraindications include:

  • the presence of nodes and cysts in the thyroid gland;
  • gallstones and kidney stones;
  • the period after any operations;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • type I diabetes mellitus;
  • cardiovascular insufficiency and heart defects;
  • taking certain medications, for example, antidepressants, sometimes birth control pills, hormonal pills, etc.
  • high intracranial pressure;
  • pathologies and diseases of the organs adjacent to the diaphragmatic muscle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The bodyflex weight loss system is unique and individual. According to the research results, its main pros and cons were highlighted. Among the positive factors is the execution time. It is very easy to allocate 15-20 minutes for classes, even with a busy work schedule. For a bodyflex, you do not need to gather in the gym or pool, all you need is pleasant, relaxing music and a rug on the floor.

The only rule in nutrition when performing the complex is to exclude cakes and pastries from the diet at night. Compliance with a special diet with serious restrictions is not provided. The advantages include absolute ease when performing exercises. No need to do active cardio or high physical activity. This is especially pleasant for people who do not like to lose their breath, experience pain and burning in the muscles, numerous approaches during training.

During classes, the body is actively saturated with oxygen, cerebral circulation increases, well-being improves, headaches go away. Bodyflex refers to a purely female sport, helps to notice positive changes in the figure in front of the mirror.

However, do not forget that any system is not perfect. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of the program in advance in order to avoid unjustified expectations in the future. Bodyflex should be practiced constantly so that extra kilograms and centimeters do not return again. For the first time after training, there is a slight dizziness and pain, adaptation and restructuring of the body takes place.

Completing the list of disadvantages is the acceptance that bodyflex is a system for overweight people. If you are in a relatively normal weight category, the results are unlikely to surprise or remain little noticeable. Muscles, except for the diaphragm, are not involved, so there will be no desired “cubes” on the press. To achieve more significant results, we recommend considering another set of exercises.

Losing weight with bodyflex

An important advantage of the bodyflex technique is the unique opportunity to lose weight in a short time without making much effort, while saving money and time. It is enough to learn how to breathe properly and competently perform exercises for weight loss.

At the preparatory stage, it is necessary to weigh and take measurements in the area of: neck, chest, forearms, waist, wrists, hips and lower legs. The information entered in the notebook will be the starting point to achieve the desired results. Starting from the first day, it is important to record daily and weekly parameters.

Bodyflex classes are aimed at reducing the volume in centimeters. With proper exercise, breathing techniques and postures, you can reduce your waist by 7 cm during the week. Eating disorders can negatively affect the results. Bodyflex does not require strict adherence to a special diet, but there are a number of restrictions. This refers to the exclusion of harmful foods from the diet, including fatty, sweet, and flour.

If the weight loss has stopped, then it is impossible to stop performing breathing exercises. A sharp refusal to exercise can lead to a rapid return of the initial body weight, there is also a risk of gaining extra pounds.

Breathing techniques

The basis of the weight loss complex is breathing exercises, so there are special rules for performing. In everyday life, a person uses only a small surface of his lungs. Thus, only the upper chest area is activated, and the diaphragmatic muscles remain sluggish and inert.

Bodyflex classes involve the active involvement of “non-working” tissues, in order to activate their oxygen supply. The diaphragm begins to contract and unclench intensively, improving blood flow and the movement of erythrocytes – carriers of O2. This option is the breathing of newborns and infants. At an early age, there is a rapid leap in the development and growth of tissues, organs, bones, muscles, ligaments. Similarly, the volume of blood in the body increases in children.

Take a close look at babies and you will see dimensional fluctuations in the navel area. Pre-practice before the main complex. To do this, lie on your back and place an object, such as a book, on the lower abdominal region. Slowly inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, take your time during the execution

In bodyflex , experts have decided to divide the process into 5 main stages:

  • The lips are tightly compressed and form a rigid tube. At the same time, the abdomen is drawn as close as possible to the spinal column. The act of soft and smooth exhalation is performed.
  • The mouth is tightly compressed and the stomach protrudes. There is a deep inhalation of the nasal cavity to failure.
  • The word “Groin” is pronounced, at the same time there is an active exhalation from the lungs. It is important to keep the stomach tightly pressed against the spine during the execution.
  • This is followed by holding your breath for 8-10 seconds. with his stomach tucked under his ribs. In this case, the peritoneum area should look like a bowl.
  • The last stage is simple, produces a normal breath.

It is worth remembering about the breathing rate, which is important when performing the complex. Test yourself: count the movements of the diaphragmatic muscle by placing your hand on the chest and stomach. If you perform gymnastics technically correctly, your breathing will change. It will become deep and the weight will begin to decrease rapidly. This is because the basis of bodyflex is oxygen, which actively burns fat deposits.

Description of the set of exercises

Greer Childers is sure that even short-term gymnastics classes will bring quick and effective results. You can start with 15 minutes a day to create the body of your dreams, success is sure to please and motivate you to continue. If you wish and have free time, you can increase the duration of classes. In advance, you should learn the technique of breathing practice, which is performed before the start of exercises.

Familiarize yourself with the program in advance to feel technically confident and reduce the risk of muscle injury. The basic physical set of exercises looks like this:

  • First of all, it all starts with a warm-up: an easy way to “warm up” joints, ligaments and soft tissues, providing protection from stretching.
  • Tilts to the side. The exercise works great on the sides and abdominal area, tightening and reducing volumes.
  • Twisting. Designed for the posterior surface of the thigh and the lumbar spine.
  • Lifting the hull. The main zone is the abdominal area and its reduction.
  • “Scissors” tighten the lower abdominal press.
  • “Pretzel” helps to stretch the entire surface of the body and twists the spine.
  • The exercise “boat” works on the adductor surface of the thigh, pulling it up.
  • The formidable “lion” will make your face young again, provide a light lifting and smooth out facial wrinkles.
  • “Grimace” will give the neck area an attractive look and tighten the contours of the cheeks.

Sportswear for training

In addition to the correct and technically correct performance of exercises, it is worth taking time to choose a form for training. Functional and durable clothing gives comfort and safety during training, affects well-being and the final result.

The uniqueness of the system lies in the absence of a strict dress code. Bodyflex classes presuppose the presence of comfortable, comfortable, elastic clothes that allow air to pass well. The main rule is to feel free and attractive. Specialized sports goods stores offer to pick up everything you need in the departments for “yoga”, “light aerobics” and “gymnastics”.

The optimal options include: one-piece overalls, leggings and boleros, shorts, tops with cups, T-shirts, pants and even swimwear. Clothes should fit nicely to the body, do not restrict movement, let in air, flat seams — do not rub the skin. If you feel discomfort, then try to pick up a loose fit. This does not mean that clothes will sit “baggy” and hide imperfections of the body, look fashionable and stylish in things like oversize. The main thing is to trust your own taste, listen to your inner voice, and at the same time enjoy shopping.

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