10 tips from gynecologists that are guaranteed to preserve women’s health

Every day, many factors affect women’s health, so diseases of the reproductive system can occur in any woman at any age. Competent prevention will prevent many pathologies.

What the best gynecologists advise

Regularly attend scheduled gynecologist examinations, even if there are no complaints.

Many diseases of the reproductive system do not manifest themselves in any way at an early stage, and a woman may not realize that some kind of malfunction has occurred in the body. A routine examination by a gynecologist, which must be carried out every six months, will allow you to identify the disease at the initial stage. And conducting a course of therapy will avoid serious complications.

Pay attention to the nature of the discharge.

During the menstrual cycle, the discharge can change the consistency, shade and amount. However, if a woman finds a curd discharge of white, yellow or green-tinged discharge, foamy or too thick, which are accompanied by itching, burning and discomfort in the vagina, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor, because this may indicate the presence of an infection or fungal lesion.

Do not self-medicate, especially during pregnancy.

Even if a woman is sure of the diagnosis, do not neglect the consultation of a gynecologist. The doctor can refute the diagnosis, as well as detect a concomitant disease that also requires treatment. In addition, only a doctor can prescribe the most effective course of therapy based on the overall picture of the disease and the individual characteristics of a woman. Self-medication during pregnancy is unacceptable, because taking many medications can negatively affect the development of the fetus.

Observe hygiene rules.

This advice is not only about intimate hygiene. After coming from the street or going to the toilet, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly, because microorganisms remain on your hands that can cause serious diseases. It is also necessary to use separate towels for the face, hands, feet and body. Comb, cosmetics, washcloth should only be used by one person. A shower should be taken at least twice a day, if necessary – more, for example, during menstruation. The use of daily pads is not mandatory, sometimes they can even harm, for example, perfumes can cause an allergic reaction, and synthetic materials can irritate the skin.

Avoid hypothermia.

In the cold season, it is important for women to wear warm clothes and shoes, not to sit on cold benches and try not to be outside for a long time during severe frost. Otherwise, a woman risks getting cystitis or inflammation of the appendages.

Stick to proper nutrition.

You should not constantly sit on diets or, conversely, get carried away with junk food. Of course, sometimes you can treat yourself to something delicious, but you should not do it every day. To maintain health, food rich in vitamins and useful substances is recommended. Do not forget about drinking – carbonated drinks and strong coffee are best abandoned in favor of green tea, juices and plain still water.

Use reliable means of contraception.

Many women mistakenly believe that an interrupted sexual intercourse or a calendar method will reliably protect them from unwanted pregnancy. However, the use of such methods very often turns into an unwanted pregnancy for a woman, which is why she has to go for an abortion. Termination of pregnancy is a huge stress for the body and can cause serious complications. Therefore, for protection, a remedy selected together with a gynecologist should be used. It is also necessary to remember that the independent selection of hormonal drugs can cause hormonal failure or even be ineffective.

Avoid colds and viral diseases during pregnancy.

During the waiting period for a child, a woman’s immunity is weakened, which makes it easier for viruses to enter the body, especially in the cold season. Many diseases can be dangerous for the proper development of the fetus, and taking most medications is prohibited during pregnancy. Therefore, a pregnant woman should avoid diseases in every possible way – spend more time outdoors, increase immunity with the means recommended by the doctor, adhere to a full diet, rest more, avoid crowded places.

Live an active life.

Sports, gymnastics or yoga will allow you to keep fit and give you a boost of energy. Hiking in the fresh air also benefits the body, and also helps to fight stress.

Monitor the menstrual cycle.

The slightest changes, such as an increased duration of menstruation, scanty spotting, severe pain during menstruation, changes in the color and consistency of secretions are a reason to visit a doctor. In addition, you need to keep a calendar where you need to mark when the new cycle began and how many days there were allocations. This information is necessary for the gynecologist during the examination to have a complete clinical picture. In addition, at the onset of pregnancy, a woman who monitors her cycle will find out more quickly that she is pregnant.


The best gynecologists claim that by following simple rules, a woman can protect herself from many problems and diseases of the genitourinary system. Taking care of your own body is never superfluous, especially if it is a woman’s concern for her reproductive system.

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