10 rules of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not only about proper nutrition and care. It provides for a revision of habits, including a different approach to rest and physical activity, and even to skin care. It is no coincidence that useful tips for the health and beauty of the face and body from well-known cosmetologists always begin with recommendations about sleep.

How to revise your lifestyle: new healthy habits

To slow down the aging process, you need to listen to the advice of doctors. It is based on a healthy lifestyle, and it is not as difficult to lead it as it seems.Basic rules:

  1.  Sun protection. This is where skin care begins. Protection helps to slow down the photoaging processes caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. The sun has a negative effect on collagen and elastin reserves. This can lead to accelerated aging. But the use of sunscreen helps to correct the situation. Even in regions with high solar activity, it is enough to use a cream with SPF30 protection for several months to significantly improve the skin condition and even reduce pigmentation.
  2.  Healthy sleep. The cells of the body function according to the circadian type. At night, when a person sleeps, they recover. But if a woman does not sleep enough, then the cells cannot recover. In this case, the number of healthy cells decreases. And no skin care can compensate for this. Therefore, in order to preserve youth, you need to sleep at least 8 hours. And before going to bed — be sure to apply moisturizers to the face and body.
  3.  Proper nutrition, The skin needs vitamins. Therefore, every day the diet should include 2-3 servings of vegetables and fruits. These products also contain fiber, which normalizes digestion. And the secret of a beautiful and smooth skin is in the good work of the intestines and the rapid elimination of toxins.
  4.  Quitting smoking. Not only the lungs suffer from this bad habit. It has a bad effect on the condition of the skins. Smokers often have bags under their eyes, wrinkles around the lips are more pronounced. Due to smoking, the oxygen supply to the skin worsens, less collagen and elastin are produced.
  5.  Giving up sugar. Foods that contain a lot of simple carbohydrates are not only deposited as fat deposits, but also cause skin inflammation. This is especially noticeable in people prone to acne. In addition, sugar molecules can destroy collagen and other proteins, which contributes to the appearance of wrinkles.
  6.  Abstinence from alcohol. Drinking strong drinks reduces the level of antioxidants in the blood. Inflammatory processes can develop on the skin. Alcoholic beverages also remove fluid from the body, which can cause dehydration.
  7.  Compliance with the drinking regime. Due to lack of water, the skin becomes dry and dull, because the body takes water molecules from the skin tissues so that the blood does not thicken.

The introduction of these healthy habits gives the result no worse than the use of creams, lotions and serums for the face.

What you need to do for skin care, but we forget about it

Cosmetologists give skin care tips that may seem too simple. But in fact, we often forget about such things.

Morning coffee and leather

By itself, a good natural coffee will not hurt the skin of the face. But you need to choose the right time for this drink. Early morning is not the best option. Within an hour after waking up, the body produces a lot of cortisol, a stress hormone. It is needed in order to cheer up and wake up completely. Drinking coffee interferes with this process, because the substances included in the drink block cortisol. You need to wait a little — and then caffeine will increase skin tone and cheer you up.

Contrast shower

Do not forget about water procedures. Even washing with cool water or a minute of cold shower in the morning will help to wake up, recharge and improve blood circulation. The cold should not be scalding, otherwise it will just start to dry the skin and cause irritation on the skin. The temperature should be unusual, but comfortable enough to feel.

Do not get carried away with dietary products

Low-fat cottage cheese does not benefit, because the vitamins in it are less absorbed, and dietary sweets contain fewer calories, but they are still not good for the skin, because they still have a lot of carbohydrates. Such nutrition leads to the fact that the skin does not receive enough nutrients, but this does not affect the weight in any way.

Start the day with light exercises

To disperse the blood through the body and provide oxygen to the skin, start the day with a morning stretch. It will help to cheer up. Evening stretching, on the contrary, relieves tension and promotes deep restful sleep. Proper posture is also important to provide oxygen to the skin — this is especially important when working at a computer all the time.

Skin Care Tips

All tips on skin care are aimed at strictly following the sequence of actions for cleansing, moisturizing and applying makeup. Without this, the best face cream will not work.

Demakiyazh, cleansing and choosing the right remedy

It is impossible to neglect washing either in the morning or in the evening. But at the end of the day, the procedure will take longer, because you still need to use a means to demakiyazh. However, cleansing should be gentle. If you overdo it, you can destroy the hydrolipidic protection of the skin. Therefore, scrubs, peels and masks with fruit acids should not be used too often.

On each cream is written the type of skin for which it is suitable. This is not a marketing trick, but a direct indication of its properties. If the product is intended for dry skin, it will have more moisturizing components, and in texture, consistency and composition it differs from the product for oily skin.

Full hydration and protection of the skin

Skin of all types needs care – cleansing, nutrition and hydration. The choice of the remedy depends on the age. But this stage cannot be completely ignored, because it can lead to dehydration of the skin, when it becomes dull, irritation and peeling appear.

The composition of a moisturizing day or night cream must include sunscreen components. Such funds can be used throughout the year. This is necessary to prevent photoaging and prevent changes in the structure of hyaluronic acid.

Skin care requires not only a certain algorithm, but also compliance with time intervals. You can’t apply the next product until the previous one has been absorbed, but you can’t take long breaks either. This means that it will not be possible to clean the skin first, then do household chores, and only then apply a moisturizer. The effectiveness of the remedy during such breaks is noticeably reduced.

Proper use of funds

It is very important to understand how and in what sequence different skin care products are used. Dozens of product names are sold in stores, but they are not interchangeable. Tonki can fill the skin with energy, but gel or foam will help to clean it from contamination. Serum and cream are also not interchangeable components, even if both are used to moisturize the skin. If you use a serum instead of a face cream, it will begin to draw moisture from the tissues. Therefore, first apply a serum, and on top of it a moisturizer to enhance the action of active substances.

Use of alcohol-based products

With oily facial skin prone to inflammation, many women tend to use alcohol-based products to dry the epidermis. In fact, this does not get rid of skin problems, and may even worsen them. When over-drying with alcohol, the skin of the face begins to produce the secret of the sebaceous glands more intensively, and the inflammation manifests itself even more actively. Therefore, such funds can only be used periodically, as needed. And you need to apply it point-by-point, on the problem area. And for everyday care, choose a tonic with salicylic acid, because it has antiseptic properties.

In what order to apply facial products

Facial skin care is a whole range of products. You need to remember in what order to use them:

  1.  Facial makeup remover. This stage of care should not be missed, because clogged pores will lead to the appearance of acne.
  2.  Facial cleanser (gel or foam). It is used after removing makeup and does not replace the previous stage of care, but complements it.
  3.  Facial tonic helps to clean the surface of the skin of the face from dead cells, restore the acid-base balance and prepare for applying the cream.
  4.  Products with a special effect – for example, anti-aging concentrates.
  5.  Facial moisturizer – applied only after the previous product has been absorbed. You can use gel. A little cream is applied to the face with patting movements, moving in the direction of the massage lines.
  6.  Sunscreen. It is necessary even if you are not going anywhere during the day. This cream is used in winter, and even in the dark. Solar radiation is invisible, but it can lead to photoaging. This is the last stage of daily facial skin care.
  7.  The eye cream is not applied simultaneously with the moisturizer. We need to wait a bit. If there is no feeling of tightness, perhaps this remedy will not be needed.
  8.  Facial oil – if necessary. This product is not suitable for everyone. It is needed only with severe dehydration of the skin to create an additional protective barrier. It is applied in a small amount so that the pores are not clogged.
  9.  Foundation. You can apply a primer before it. Not everyone needs it, and this is an optional stage for skin care, but the foundation fits better on it.

For allergy sufferers, the face primer can cause inflammation and irritation on the skin. With allergies and hypersensitivity, the scheme changes slightly.

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